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1 October

Breakfast Meet Wednesday 6 October

Caistor Lakes, 10.00am onwards, informal get-together for a cup of coffee or a full breakfast.

All welcome

2022 Calendar of Events

Being planned at the moment, suggestions welcome, offers of organising an event etc welcome, please contact a committee member, we are going to try and organise two 'breakfast meetings' around the area each month, again suggestions welcome.

Clubnights are back - See Notice Board Page

Auction night promises to be lively - if you are planning to brig sale items along please be there 6.30pm ish or even befor, have a list of your items and tie on a blank label to each item or attach a sticker - we will mark it with a lot number when booking  it in.


Section Notes for November


September was our AGM, as usual this was not blessed with a big attendance.  The Officers and Committee remain as before, however I would stress the need for new volunteers as we move forwards.

This last month also saw two runs, the Mystery run had a fair support and an interesting ,if bumpy, route. Thanks Richard.

The Northern Veteran run was well supported, a great route , finishing with a meet up with the Poachers at Woodhall Spa. A collection raised £300 for the Air Ambulance.  Thanks Stew.

November Club night is the Auction, at the Shires, 7.30pm for 8.00pm start.  The usual rules apply. Items can start to be left


4 May

Ride Ins and Pop Ups

Thoughts towards small get togethers inline with the Covid Regualtions seem to be arousing interest as a way forwards towards the new normal - an excuse for a ride out to a cafe or a pub for a chat and a ride home again.

Any ideas? please email me + please watch this space for more info

Also have a look on the Events page for invited events.

6 April

Events for 2021

From the information provided on the the National Motorcyclists Council / COMOG Groups suggests that from April 12th group rides of up to 6 people comply with the Covid Protocols and from May 17th groups of up to 30 people are permitted outdoors and at various compliant venues. 

In addition to the above advice we also have to consider the advice and guidance from the Government Roadmap which discourages un-necessary travel etc and of course the possibility of changes in the guidance in the future.

From June 21st we appear to be back to 'normal riding. (See Below.)

As a Section it appears therefore that we can think about getting back to 'business as normal.'

Both the Bluestone Heath Run and the Pre-40s Run are cancelled on the basis of the above guidance, but it should be possible to have a Club Night in some form in May  or June and we will be discussing this with The Shires.

Additionally we are considering the possibilities of having a few 'breakfast meets,' which have well attended in the past and also the possibilities of  'pop-up' runs from June 16th to National Way Point Rally ' Way Points,' several of which should be within easy reach of Midlincs Members.

The local Way Points are currently under consideration and any ideas welcome, please contact Peter. (See April edition of Classic and Vintage for info on the National Way Point Rally or main website.)

Publication of the new Section Secretaries Handbook is also imminent and hopefully will give up to date guidance as to organisation of  events including the scope and limitations of the VMCC Public Liability Insurance.

Keep an eye on this page for latest info!




Following the recent English Government announcement, the implications for purely recreational motorcycling would seem to be as follows:

Motorcycle journeys are permitted but still limited to essential reasons only ('key' worker commuting, essential shopping, care, education, medical reasons).

Solo riding will be permitted to meet locally with only one other non-household member, observing social distancing and hygiene measures, remaining outside at all times. No use of hospitality facilities. No overnight stays.

Group rides WILL BE permitted but observing the 'rule of six' (ROS) at starts, stopping and finishing points, still remaining outdoors with social distancing/hygiene, No use of hospitality facilities. No overnight stays.

The ‘rule of six’ (ROS) still applies, plus the now-familiar social distancing and hygiene. Restaurants and pub gardens will be allowed to serve customers sitting outdoors, including alcohol.

People can meet in groups of up to 30 outdoors AND pubs, restaurants and other hospitality venues can seat customers indoors. Hotels, hostels and B&Bs can reopen. Subject to other countries’ restrictions, international leisure travel can resume.

At last! A return to normal riding. Hospitality and accommodation back to normal. Rallies and camping allowed. International travel restrictions still

Apologies for not including any Welsh, Scottish & N. Ireland. We will keep this information under constant review and amend it as and when we have new information.

The VMCC are indebted to VMCC member Roger Bibbings for summarising the situation.








8 Jan 2021

Events for 2021 - See Events Page - please note that at the moment there s a degree of uncertainty but watch this page for occasional updates.

Lots of information relating to Club activities can be found on including instructions on how to register for the VMCC Directors Bulletin which provides an insight into what is going on within the organisation at Allen House and also provides links which give guidance for riding etc.




 5 Nov 2020

Section Notes for Nov 2020 - Journal Entry this month gives a nostalgic shot of Novembers Notes from 2019!!


Sadly the Boxing Day Run from Market Rasen, December 26th, is cancelled. To go ahead with this would risk contravention of the Covid Guidance regulations.

We are working on an events list for 2021, hopefully with guidance and support from VMCC HQ., to enable us to restart activities.

Seasons greetings to all members, looking to have a more active 2021 year.

Stay safe everyone, keep an eye on the section web site for updates.

Peter Gunnee


19 March

Covid 19!


We live in troubled times and we are experiencing major disruptions to our lives in order to minimise the risks of contracting the Covid 19 virus.

In line with the latest directives from both the government and VMCC Office, our natter meetings and runs are cancelled until further notice.

The Shires will be closed under instructions from central government.

Please keep an eye on the website for updates, but it seems that  it may be some time before we are able to get together again. 

The letter below has been sent to Peter and reproduced in full, so you know as much as we do as they say!

In the meantime, best wishes to all and stay safe

From Allen House:  

Dear Section Secretaries,

As we are sure you are aware, the next steps in the Government’s approach to the Coronavirus outbreak have recently been announced. The Prime Minister, alongside the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Officer, indicated that the United Kingdom is moving into a ‘Delay’ phase, the aim of which is to push the peak of the outbreak into the summer so as to give as much time as possible for further research into the virus and to ensure that the NHS is as prepared as it can be.  You will also have seen the more focused recent advice in relation to those over the age of 70, which describes a significant proportion of the Club’s membership.
The VMCC is by a long way the largest and best-known vintage and classic motorcycle club in the UK, and we feel we have a responsibility to show a clear lead in reacting to the situation with Coronavirus, as well as a duty of care to our members and our staff.  Against this background, the Board’s position is as follows. For the duration:
•             Section meetings should be suspended;
•             the Club should not attend shows and suchlike;
•             runs that involve a substantial amount of on-the-day organisation, and thus contact between participants and people such as marshals, sign-on staff or caterers, should be postponed or cancelled;
•             formal or social runs may take place at the Section Committee’s discretion, but should not include pre-run gatherings or stops at cafes, public houses or suchlike: if that is not practicable, the event should be postponed or cancelled.
Sections are also asked to consider the situation of elderly or infirm Section members who may need live alone and/or need additional assistance at this difficult time.  Phone calls would in general be better than house calls, but please do think about those who may need a hand or a friendly voice that cares.
The situation with major events such as Banbury and 1000 Bikes is a little less clear, but contingency plans are being investigated.  Neither the Government, the ACU or the MSA, have so far said that public events of this type may not take place., but our anticipation is that this year’s nationally-organised events are likely to be postponed or cancelled.  We cannot, however, confirm this until we hear officially from the appropriate regulatory authorities or the sites where these events are due to be based.
The Founder’s Relay Rally planned for Sunday 3rd May will be postponed until later in the year, provided a date can be found. The Rider’s Sheets for this will not now be distributed with the April Journal as originally planned. 
As far as Allen House is concerned:
•             the Library is closed for the duration, to both enquirers and volunteers;
•             no visitors are permitted to enter the building;
•             unless absolutely essential, staff will not for now attend external meetings and events.
At present, all of the Club’s staff are healthy, but anyone who shows the stated indicators of the virus will be sent home and told to self-isolate for 7 days. If this happens, we cannot guarantee that the office telephone will always be answered.  In such circumstances, we ask for your understanding and patience, and suggest that for the duration, wherever possible contact with Allen House should be by email rather than telephone.
An ad-hoc Committee consisting of the Chair, Bob Clark; the Vice-Chair, Richard Thirkell; and Board Member Mario Costa-Sa, has oversight of the situation and I will be reporting to and reviewing matters with them on a regular basis.  I fear that in the short term things are going to get worse rather than better, and that it may well be some time before the Club can resume its normal activities.

General Manager






Delighted to announce the availability of 'Mid Lincs' VMCC Regalia

So far the following items can be purchased:

Fleece @ £20
Sweatshirt @ £15
Polo Shirt @ £12.50
Tee Shirt @ £8.50

Colours : Navy Blue, Black, Grey, Red & Green, usual sizing options.

Samples available to view most club nights